5 Free Tools for Creating Pixel Art: Beginner’s Guide

Perhaps you have an interest in creating pixel art, which has led you to wonder where you can get free pixel art tools. We provide beneficial information regarding some amazing free pixel art tools that are easy for you to use as you begin your new adventure of creating awesome pixel art.

1. Piskel

Right off the start, Piskel is noteworthy due to the fact that there is no need to download the software to use it. This means that the good news is that you can do all your creating completely online. This is a top-choice free tool for those who really want to be able to create terrific pixel art without any hassles. This tool allows you to create pretty much whatever you imagine. Furthermore, as a result of this tool functioning right in your browser, you can even use this tool with the usage of just your cell phone. Therefore, this results in making this free tool undeniably convenient. This tool even allows you to create animations.

2. Slate

Slate is worthy of consideration for those who like having access to the usage of software that is open-source. This free tool offers many powerful features for those who want to start creating pixel art. This tool will allow you to create splendid pixel art without any glitches. You are able to even engage in the wonder of creating animations with this fine tool. If you are making complex things, then you will be pleased that you are able to even have the option of sorting the project by layers that are separate. What is yet again impressive regarding this free tool is that it offers compatible functionality with Linux, Mac or Windows.

3. Pixelator

Pixelator is a thrilling tool to use, as it allows you to pixelate any type of images that you already have. Therefore, there is no need to develop new pixel art right from scratch, which is beneficial for those who may be less artistic. With this powerful free tool, you get access to many different settings and options for pixelization. In fact, there are several color palettes along with various saturation levels. Due to the provision of all of these interesting and valuable elements, you will surely be able to achieve the precise outcome that you desire for all of your pixel art. This tool is free to use for non-commercial purposes. But if you wish to use this tool for commercial purposes, you must purchase a commercial usage license.

4. Pyxel Edit

When simplicity of usage matters to you, then you will like Pyxel Edit. With this free tool, you are able to import any current art that you have and you can thus edit the art by each pixel. In addition, you are able to make new images with this free tool. There are no limits to the type of resolution or dimensions that you can access for your creations. With this being the case, this is a free tool that is highly versatile for creating impressive pixel art.

5. Graphics Gale

Graphics Gale proves to be a favorite free tool for the creation of crisp pixel art. This tool packs in a lot of beneficial features and many people appreciate the fact that this tool is straightforward to use. It is fun to experiment with this tool and incredibly useful for those who need a tool that is not complicated when they want to be able to do a lot of practicing regarding the creation of pixel art. This tool offers decent pixel options to allow you to create distinctive effects for your pixel art.


Now that you have been presented with this great selection of free tools for creating pixel art, give them a try. You will surely be impressed with what they allow you to create.